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Contractors of the first Miami-Dade Approved Shipping Container House

Welcome To The Container House

We construct new residential and commercial buildings made with shipping containers. We serve in South Florida, Miami Dade and Broward counties only and we export outside USA.

The Container House LLC specializes in designing and building modular livable and working spaces that can be easily shipped to customers worldwide (outside the USA).

Hurricanes are not a threat anymore. These buildings made with shipping containers provide a super strong structure capable of resisting the stongest hurricane.

Few building structures can achieve the same structural strength as shipping container structures incorporated in buildings.

We offer customized modular homes built with sustainable and renewable materials with innovative design and layouts at a fraction of what a traditional house will cost. We also build commercial buildings made with shipping containers. They are built in a faster and more economical way than traditional buildings.

We build custom made, built on site houses and commercial buildings using shipping containers as part of the structure.

We build in Miami-Dade and Broward counties only and we export outside the USA.

Our buildings are not prefabricated, they are completely built on site.

We believe that a faster, better and simpler way of building is possible and we had already proved it.

Our team share the same goal, to build a safer, stronger, more affordable and faster building for each and every of our happy clients. Lets build the shipping container way.

shipping container house
the container house
the container house

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